Michael, your artwork just seems so inspired.  I am in awe as I go through your gallery or come across your work in an online exhibition. It must feel wonderful to know that no matter what else you achieve in life, that you have created a body of works that will continue inspiring others... touching their hearts and  bringing them joy. 
                                                                                                                                   - Maria Hunt

Your Creations are so AMAZING all of them and it is great to see a photo of you in your profile because it is always nice to put a face to the creation.  I say Creation because they are all so much more than art.

You would be awesome teaching how you do the fractal art or any of your creations on Udemy online.  The fractal ones are from another dimension so are the colours.  They truly connect with the heart .                 -Jennifer Kamadon

Hi Artistic Genius!

Your heart and spirit for art has expressed the Love of God as you know. 
I am so glad to have you on my site sharing your unique view of God. 
NO one can know the beauty you have seen of God's blessings in your life. 
Thank you, Michael, for sharing with us how beautifully you have seen your vision of God.

-Sybil Staples

"Good evening. Dr Durst, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you. Your book, Napkin Notes, has had a profoundly positive impact on me. I am doing my best to implement the philosophy you presented. It rings true to me. I am becoming a stronger, more cantered, authentic man. I have spent many hours in counselling of various sorts and duration. Never have I been presented with such simple, yet profoundly transformational, advice. I am immersing myself in the process of BEING HERE NOW. 

 Yes, I would love to know more regarding all your art. I find many of the pieces fascinating. They evoke a sense of tranquillity and positive solitude for me. I will be purchasing pieces in the future. Once again, thank you!! God bless you. All the best,  David Smiley"

Michael Durst is an outstanding Fractal Artist. He has been selected to be a Permanent Feature Artist for the “Fractals As Art” group.  He is one of only six artists from all over the world to be selected because of his high artistic abilities and regular contributions to this art form.  –Patrice Baldwin

Michael, your work is so gorgeous that I have a hard time taking my eyes away from it. It is as fabulous as that of the masters. You have so many outstanding, beautiful and original works of art that I hardly know what to say.  I just want to express my appreciation and admiration for your immense talents and abilities.  Blessings to you.  –Anne Elizabeth Whiteway

All of your impressionistic paintings in your portfolio are stunning!  The colors and compositions look so marvellous, very much like Claude Monet.  I am really inspired by them.  –Jason Sentuf

I truly enjoy your flowers and scenery from all over the world, and I love your pieces of art work!  I am very impressed with your talent and I would love to feature your work on my web site and share it with as many people as I can. Please consider my invitation!   -Randy Rosenberger

Michael I always enjoy seeing your new paintings and I can see why three galleries want your work!  Your photography is spectacular too!  Your fractals are very exciting and the light that radiates from these pieces is transformational.

I love to see how your art and images evolve through time and the diversity of your creativity and how clearly your message comes through all of your images.  You are very blessed indeed because your work blesses those who view each painting and photo!  It is healing work.  I love the simple subjects of everyday life and the heart that guides each brushstroke across your canvases!  -Cecilia Soprano

Artists often make magic by making pictures to tell stories and of all the things they see.  In doing this, they show they have lived by leaving their marks on history, like the cavemans painting on the wall from thousands of years ago.  Your work has this quality.  –Christopher Shellhammer


Michael…WOW!  I came back to look at your galleries.  What an awesome surprise…your work is just gorgeous and vibrant!  I love your compositions and the emotion that comes through so loud and clear! -Rory Sagner

It is truly an honor and a privilege to FEATURE your great artwork on the HOMEPAGE of the 'Flowers and Scenery' group!  Your talent and ingenious perspective of what beauty is, is beyond the normal sense of values!   I very much enjoy viewing the beauty you have so graciously shared with us and am very proud to display and promote fine art like yours!   

-Randy Rosenberger

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful selection of art and for representing South Africa with your amazing artwork.  You are an ambassador. I think art can go a long way in changing people's perceptions about the beautiful people and land we have!

-Michael Kirchner

"You are one of the best artist on Fine Art America and your work inspires me to do mine."

-Michelle Reid, Director of the Collectors Gallery


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