Michael Durst has had several solo exhibitions in the past. The first was sponsored by the Eclectic Gallery called, "Heartscapes of the Cape" at the at the Winchester Mansions Hotel in Sea Point , Cape Town in 2007.

The next year In 2008, his work was exhibited at the beautiful Table Bay Hotel at the Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. This "Postcards from the Heart of Cape Town," was the first ever exhibit at the Table Bay. The same year, the Blue Dolphin Gallery in the Netherlands hosted Michael's "Heartscapes: A View From the Heart."

In 2009, once again the Electic Gallery hosted, "Magical Moments in Sea Point," at the Winchester Hotel in Sea Point.

Dr. Durst opened "The Wonders of Fractal Art" from November 2 to December 3, 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa.  The exhbition was sponsored by the Eclectic Gallery.  This exhibition created a great deal of excitement about Dr. Durst's fractal paintings, which lead to articles in The Argus newspaper and a cover page and lengthy article in The Odyssey magazine.  Please take a look at the Fractal Paintings Gallery on this web site.

In 2012 l, Michael was once again asked because of popular demand to do a solo exhibition at the Winchester Mansions Hotel with his "Euphoric Visions" exhibition.

In 2015, the Winchester Mansions asked Michael to two solo exhibitions, 'Eurphoric Visions I& II' and they were the most successful in the history of the Grapes, Gourmet and Gallery exhibitions. 

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