Welcome to the online exhibition of "Heartscapes."

Relax, take a deep breath and experience Dr. Michael Durst's beautiful impressionistic paintings, his intriguing complex fractals and his breath-taking photographs.


With incredible colour, texture and detail, Michael's paintings evoke a connection to the heart. 

     Fractal Art

Created from complex mathematical formulas, fractal art takes art to a new dimension.


Michael has captured "Magical Moments" with his photographs of travel, landscapes, seascapes, people and sunsets.  


The following galleries show works of art by Dr. G. Michael Durst.

His paintings, as well as his photographs and fractal artwork, promote an inner healing and a sense of peace because they create a "heartscape."

Each work displays intense combinations of vivid colours, and dramatic light. They explore the panoramic views of Cape Town, the dramatic African landscape, the wildlife against the vast backdrop of the bush, and beautiful gardens and portraits of people which capture their mood and life's energy.

The style is versatile. Sometimes using realism with an impressionistic flair, his animals and people seem to breathe. He is also as adept at creating a looser style, free from the constraints of realism and classical correctness to convey a visual impression and an emotional feeling. His colorful and dramatic abstracts, both the paintings and those created using fractal geometry, go directly into one's being.

Browse the many galleries to find a "heartscape" that speaks to your own inner being!

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